Why special session matters: Bradley & Erik’s story

August 30, 2013

Why does passing marriage equality now in a special session matter? Because Bradley & Erik shouldn’t have to explain to their son Aiden why their family isn’t treated the same as other families. Read their story below and then click here to read more stories of Hawaii families who are fighting for the freedom to marry:

bradleyerikBradley and Erik met online and took things slow. They waited more than six months to have their first date, but it was worth the wait. That first evening together was the beginning of their family.

Now, it’s been more than 5 years, and Erik and Bradley’s family includes their son, Aiden, three dogs, and two parrots. They’ve built a close knit group of friends who they consider part of the family since their extended family lives outside of Hawaii.

Bradley and Erik love spending time with their son. They’re regulars at the local theater — often first to see the latest children’s movie. They also enjoy dining out with friends and entertaining at home.

In December of 2010, Bradley proposed to Erik. Ever since, they’ve been patiently waiting for Hawaii to extend the freedom to marry to same-sex couples.

Like most families, Erik and Bradley just want to take care of their son and enjoy the wonderful lives they’ve built in a state they love.

But because Hawaii hasn’t passed marriage equality, Bradley, Erik, and Aiden are vulnerable. Their family isn’t recognized — and they’re denied thousands of critical protections they need to take care of each other.

Now that they have a son to think about, the need for marriage equality has never been more clear. They want to raise their son in a state that treats their family with dignity and respect.

Erik and Bradley shouldn’t have to explain to Aiden why their commitment isn’t treated like other families. It’s time for Hawaii to extend the freedom to marry to all loving couples!