We’ll know about a special session tomorrow

September 5, 2013

DecisionDayBy Lois Perrin, Legal Director at the ACLU of Hawaii

Tomorrow morning, Governor Abercrombie is scheduled to meet with members of the House to discuss the marriage bill and chart the path forward — and what happens in that meeting will likely determine the fate of marriage equality in Hawaii.

By the end of the day tomorrow, we will likely know whether or not the Governor will call a special session.

If Governor Abercrombie calls a special session tomorrow, Hawaii lawmakers could vote on the marriage bill in the coming days. And if he doesn’t, our efforts to secure the freedom to marry may be delayed for months, and possibly until 2014.

Tell Governor Abercrombie and your legislators: I support a special session to pass marriage equality.

We told you yesterday that our lawmakers are being bombarded with messages from our opponents, urging them to block a special session — and they haven’t backed down. A delay is exactly what they want, which is why they’re ramping up like never before to stop a special session from happening.

We can’t let that be the final message our lawmakers hear before they meet tomorrow.

The time for marriage equality is now — you know it, I know it, and a strong majority of Hawaii voters know it. Before tomorrow morning, we need to make it clear to the Governor and our lawmakers that we need to pass this bill, and we need to pass it now.

Send a message now and tell Governor Abercrombie and your legislators that you want a special session to pass marriage equality.

No matter what happens tomorrow, we won’t back down until we fulfill the promise of aloha for all of Hawaii’s families. We are determined — and I know you are too.