The votes are there. Urge Governor Abercrombie to call a special session!

August 22, 2013

SpecialSessionFrom Justice Steven Levinson (Ret), Equality Hawaii Board Member:

We have the votes to pass marriage equality in the House.

That’s what the Star-Advertiser confirmed this morning with Speaker Joseph Souki after House leadership met this week to discuss the possibility of a special session.

Securing a strong vote count in the House has always been our biggest hurdle to passing a marriage bill in special session. And now that we’ve confirmed the votes are there, it’s time to get the job done.

The next step is for Governor Neil Abercrombie to call the Legislature into a special session. Send a message to the Governor now and let him know you are counting on his leadership to ensure swift passage of marriage equality in Hawaii in a special session:

Support from members of the House isn’t the only sign that Hawaii is ready for marriage equality – far from it.

In the last week alone, members of our federal delegation, faith leaders from around the state, municipal leaders, and key legislators in the House and Senate have spoken out, standing with the majority of Hawaii voters who believe in the freedom to marry.

The Governor – a strong proponent of marriage equality – has said he will likely call a special session if leaders in the House indicate support is there to pass the bill.

Well, the votes are there. It’s time to get this passed.

Let Governor Abercrombie know that you – and the people of Hawaii – are counting on him to call a special legislative session to pass the freedom to marry. Click here to send a message now. 

We’re getting close – really, really close. And if we continue showing our elected officials that the people of our state are ready for marriage equality, I truly think we can win.