Star-Advertiser: “It’s time: Equal rights to marriage”

October 27, 2013

StarAdvertiserWith less than 24 hours before lawmakers return to Honolulu for special session, the Star-Advertiser is calling on the Hawaii Legislature to pass marriage equality. In an editorial¬†published this morning, the Star-Advertiser says it’s time to ensure liberty and justice for all Hawaii families by passing marriage legislation during special session:

“…it’s time to take down barriers precluding one class of people from claiming the “liberty and justice for all” that the nation’s founding documents promise them.”

The Star-Advertiser joins the growing chorus of voices across the state urging lawmakers to stand on the right side of history once special session begins tomorrow. Just last week, the Maui News endorsed marriage equality, saying that special session is a chance to “right a long-standing wrong.”

The first hearing on the marriage bill is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10:30am in the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor. Click here to submit testimony and then click here to email your legislators and ask them to vote for marriage equality.