Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor advances marriage bill, 5-2

October 29, 2013

SenateWinLast night, we took our first step toward winning marriage equality in Hawaii.

After hearing more than 14 hours of testimony, members of the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor voted 5-2 to advance the marriage bill for a second reading. We’re now one big step closer to passing marriage equality in the Senate.

On Thursday morning, the marriage bill will move to the House for a crucial joint hearing in the Committees on Judiciary and Finance. In short: special session is moving quickly — and we need your help to keep up the momentum every step of the way.

Yesterday’s hearing is a direct result of everything you’ve done to build this campaign into one of the largest grassroots efforts Hawaii has ever seen.

CLICK HERE to submit your testimony now and tell members of the House Committees on Judiciary and Finance that the people of Hawaii support the freedom to marry.