Rep. Mark Takai will vote for marriage equality in special session

October 10, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 9.06.27 PMMomentum for marriage equality in Hawaii continues to build! Today, Rep. Mark Takai announced that he will vote for the freedom to marry in special session, saying that “the world has changed — and so have I.”

Rep. Takai, who voted against civil union legislation in 2011, now stands with the majority of Hawaii voters who support marriage for all loving and committed couples. He released the following statement announcing his support:

“There are no good reasons to continue to prevent every Hawaii resident from exercising his or her right to marry the person he or she loves.”

We thank Rep. Takai for speaking — and committing to stand on the right side of history once special session convenes on October 28th!

CLICK HERE to urge your lawmakers to vote for marriage equality in special session.