Rep. Denny Coffman supports a special session

August 23, 2013

CoffmanUpdateAs Governor Neil Abercrombie considers calling a special session to pass marriage equality, support for swift movement on the bill is growing in the Legislature! On Thursday, Rep. Denny Coffman reiterated his support for marriage equality and said he is now in favor of a special session.

In a statement released late yesterday, Rep. Coffman expressed confidence in the process, noting the active role Governor Abercrombie’s administration and the State’s Attorney General’s office are playing in drafting the legislation:

“The primary concern I wanted to express in my memo is that the Legislature must perform its due diligence in addressing this important issue. I wanted to ensure that the necessary resources and processes were utilized to develop a sound and sustainable policy. Knowing that our highest levels of government are actively working to craft and vet such a bill gives me confidence that my concern has been addressed.”

Rep. Coffman’s support for a special session comes on the heels of Speaker Joseph Souki’s statement confirming that there are sufficient votes to pass marriage equality in the House.

Now, it’s up to Governor Abercrombie. Click here tell the Governor that you’re counting on him to call a special session to pass marriage equality.