Rep Chris Lee: Let’s get this done the Hawaii way

August 27, 2013

ChrisLeeBy State Representative Chris Lee

Tomorrow morning, my colleagues in the House and I are scheduled to meet to discuss a special legislative session to pass marriage equality. And I’ll be honest: we’re hearing a lot from opponents who want to stall our progress.

Over the last week, mainland special interest groups based in Colorado have funneled thousands of dollars into robocalls in an attempt to control how we do things in Hawaii.

But while our opponents may have robocalls and wealthy out-of-state funders, we have something much more powerful: a community-driven, grassroots campaign with support for the freedom to marry in all regions of the state.

Before my colleagues and I meet tomorrow to consider a special session, I need your help to prove, once again, that Hawaii is ready for marriage equality — and no matter what our mainland opponents say, we are ready for it now.

Click here to ask your representative to support a special session to pass the freedom to marry.

Over the last several weeks, supporters like you have made it more clear than ever that now is the time to extend marriage to all ohana — and opponents of marriage equality know it. That’s why they’re doing everything in their power to block a special session. Stalling is their last remaining tactic.

You and I know that we can’t wait any longer. Our economy can’t wait. Thousands of families who need the protections of marriage can’t wait. Hawaii can no longer wait to afford every single person in our state with the dignity and respect they deserve. 

Tell your representative that now is the time to pass marriage equality in Hawaii, on our own terms, in our own way.


Representative Chris Lee
House District 51