Rep. Chris Lee: It’s time for marriage equality in Hawaii

July 31, 2013

RepLeeState Representative Chris Lee represents Hawaii’s 51st House District.

We are at the threshold of history.

Governor Abercrombie and my fellow legislators are considering a special session to bring marriage equality to Hawaii. We know delaying until 2014 will make Hawaii ground zero for a national war on this issue. Instead, we can — and should — resolve this now, in 2013, on our own terms and in our own way.

As a legislator, I know what my colleagues are going through. Whether for or against, every lawmaker carries a heavy burden and hears passionate voices on all sides. But these are the times for which we were elected and I am confident that we will come together, fulfill our constitutional duty, and do the right thing.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled, other states have led the way, and views are rapidly changing—from the people at our parties and around our dinner tables, to the Pope himself. The tide has turned.

Now it’s time to take our efforts to win marriage in Hawaii to the next level and grow this campaign across the state. Click here to ask your friends to stand with you in support of marriage equality.

When you explain your support to others, they will recognize the story right away. It is the same story experienced by so many generations in Hawaii. It is the struggle to live up to our nation’s promise of freedom and equality.

It is the story of becoming the Hawaii we want to be: Where we welcome all and where our most bitter conflicts melt away in the spirit of kindness, openness, and aloha.

It’s simple. We are all equal in Hawaii.