The Maui News endorses marriage equality in Hawaii

October 17, 2013

MauiNewsThe Maui News is joining the growing chorus of voices across Hawaii calling on the Legislature to pass marriage equality in special session! In an editorial published today, the paper says that same-sex couples in Hawaii are currently denied critical protections and calls on lawmakers to “right a long-standing wrong” by passing legislation that will extend marriage to all loving couples:

By granting privileges to married couples, society has made a conscious decision that commitment should be encouraged. Strong families are good for the community. It’s time to realize strong families can be built by any two loving adults, regardless of sexual orientation.

The Legislature has a chance in the special session to right a long-standing wrong.

Mahalo to the Maui News for speaking out for all Hawaii families! With special session just 10 days away, momentum for the freedom to marry continues to grow. We’re confident that as lawmakers continue to see that the people of Hawaii are united for marriage equality — they’ll choose to stand on the right side of history when this bill comes up for a vote.

CLICK HERE to urge your legislators to vote for marriage equality in special session.