Lois Gill speaks out for the freedom to marry

October 30, 2013


When Lois Gill calls, legislators listen. A longtime civil libertarian, Lois Gill is the widow of Thomas P. Gill, former Hawaii Representative to Congress, Lieutenant Governor who authored significant sections f the 1964 Civil Rights Bill. He served on the ACLU of Hawaii board and led the legislative program from 1980 until his retirement in 2006. Tom Gill passed away in 2009, and Lois and the Gill family are still working hard in Hawaii for a government thatʻs fair and just.

Here is a transcript of her recent calls to Hawaii legislators for marriage equality:

“Hello, this is Lois Gill, and Iʻm calling to urge you to support and vote in favor of legislation allowing gay marriage.

Voting in favor of gay marriage in no way whatsoever means that you approve of this life style. It in no way whatsoever threatens or deprives you of your right to disagree or to maintain your own values and life style. Far from it!

It does classify you as a person who believes in equal rights under the law for all minorities, and as a person who knows that justice is not divisible. Something is fair or itʻs not. I urge you to be that person.

But please, letʻs do this with dignity and respect. We must avoid the ugly, nasty name-calling and character assassination tactics which create a rigid, toxic atmosphere of hate and ill will.

We want and need a community where we live together acknowledging and tolerating deep, rigid disagreement, but respecting each othersʻ beliefs without constant violence or hate.

This is possible. I hope you agree.

Thanks for listening.


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