Joshua & Johnathon

August 14, 2013

Joshua-JohnathonThe military has taken Joshua and Johnathon all over. Since meeting in 2001, they’ve lived together in Seattle, Alaska, Texas, and Hawaii.

Joshua is an Army doctor specializing in internal medicine and infectious disease; he helps run the internal medicine residency training program at Tripler Army Medical Center. Johnathon is a GI nurse at Tripler and a recovery nurse at Castle.

The couple has been together for a dozen years, and not long ago, they welcomed into their family a beautiful daughter, Kylie. Now with four dogs, two kitties, and a growing baby girl — their home is full.

Since Johnathon and Joshua adopted Kylie, marriage has become more important than ever.

During the adoption process, they learned that some mothers were hesitant to chose a gay couple, since they were treated unequally under the law. Since bringing Kylie home, they know how critical it is that they have all the tools available to take care of her.

Johnathon and Joshua could apply for a civil union license in Hawaii, but that won’t give them the security they need. Civil unions have created a second-class status for same-sex couples because they simply don’t provide access to thousands of protections available at the federal level.

Since they’re denied the freedom to marry in Hawaii, Joshua and Johnathon married in Washington, DC. But that commitment isn’t recognized or honored in the state they call home.

After 12 years together, Johnathon and Joshua want to be able to make a lifelong commitment to each other in Hawaii. They want to be able to protect and provide for one another and their daughter. They want to be recognized and treated as equal in the eyes of their state and their country.

Isn’t it time Hawaii allowed them to share in the freedom to marry?