It’s Time for Marriage in Hawaii: Llevellyn and Michael

July 19, 2013

LlevellynandMichaelLlevellyn and Michael met in 1974 in a college accounting class. Michael was taken with Llevellyn from the very first moment. Thirty-nine years later, they’re still together, bonded together by love and commitment.

Before moving to Hawaii, the couple moved around a lot on the mainland, due to Michael’s job. They became acquainted with Maui throughout twenty years of vacationing here, and when they decided to settle down for good, they returned to “the one place in the world where we could recharge to tackle life’s many challenges. The energy draw for us was — and still is — tremendous.”

Michael and Llevellyn love Maui for its energy and beauty — and for the family they’ve built here.

“Our blood family is very close to us both. Our relationship is fully accepted and has never been an issue. Our second family is our Maui ‘ohana.’ We have a large group of friends — both gay and straight — that we consider family.

We have always strived to help people whenever we could or when they were in trouble. It is what we do. Family is about who you can call when you need them and they are there — no questions asked.”

Llevellyn and Michael call Maui home. They work here, and they’ve built a family here. Now, they want to get married here. After almost four decades together, shouldn’t they be assured the protection and security that only marriage can provide?