House leadership will meet tomorrow to discuss a special session

August 20, 2013

From Lois Perrin, Legal Director for the ACLU of Hawaii

The next 24 hours are crucial for marriage equality in Hawaii.

HICaucusTomorrow morning House leadership will meet to discuss the possibility of a special legislative session in the coming weeks to pass marriage equality.  And when they confirm the House votes are there to pass a marriage bill, they’ll inform Governor Abercrombie, which should lead to a special session.

Before leadership meets tomorrow, members of the House need to know that the people of Hawaii have their backs. They need to know that our state is overwhelmingly ready for marriage equality.

Tell your Representative that you – and a majority of Hawaii voters – are ready for marriage equality! Click here to send a personal message now.

In the last five days alone, the momentum for the freedom to marry in Hawaii has reached an all-time high. Our federal delegation unanimously urged lawmakers to pass marriage equality without delay and members of the State Legislature — in the House and the Senate, Democrats and Republicans — are calling on their colleagues to get the job done.

I mean it when I say this is our moment. But we have to give our lawmakers the reassurance they need between now and tomorrow as they consider a special session.

If you’ve been waiting to contact your elected officials in support of marriage equality, this is it. Ask your representative to stand with you by calling for a special session to pass marriage legislation:


There’s simply no way we would have come this far without the grassroots power supporters like you have helped us build. And now, victory is that much closer.