House Committees on Judiciary and Finance pass the freedom to marry

November 5, 2013

VictoryHouseCommitteeMarriage equality just passed in the House Committees on Judiciary and Finance!

I’m always proud to be from Hawai`i — but the incredible progress we’ve made toward marriage equality over the last week has made me prouder than ever to call the Aloha State home.

The committee hearing was long and thorough. But over the last several days, marriage supporters like you stood before members of the committee to make it clear that thousands of Hawai`i families need marriage equality now.. And our lawmakers listened.

We’re closer than ever. The marriage bill now moves to the House floor for the final two readings. Click here now to urge your representative to vote for the freedom to marry. 

The committee hearing was a strong reminder that what happens in this session is about so much more than passing a piece of legislation. It’s about our aunties and uncles, neighbors, our friends. It’s about the spirit of Aloha.

Securing marriage equality means that after 20 years together, couples like Robie and Louise are afforded the full protections and respect they deserve. It’s means couples like Willy and John who have been in a loving relationship for 26 years will finally be able to marry in front of family and friends in the state they call home.

We don’t turn our backs on any Hawai`i `ohana. Hawai`i law must always reflect our deepest values.

Send a strong message to members of the Hawai`i House: Pass marriage equality now.

For over 20 years, `ohana in our state have fought to be treated equally under the law. And, as result of your tremendous efforts, Hawai`i is just inches away from achieving fairness and equality for all — help take us to the finish.

I Mua!