Honolulu Mayor Caldwell Supports Marriage Equality

February 21, 2013

mayorcaldwellHonolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is joining hundreds of Mayors from around this country who support marriage for same-sex couples as part of the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry coalition.

In a statement released last week, Mayor Caldwell expressed his support for marriage equality, while also urging Hawaii lawmakers to pass legislation that would extend marriage to all loving families:

“Hawai‘i has a long history of leadership in equal rights. Hawai‘i was the first state to ratify the equal rights amendment for gender equality. We are home to the first Asian American Governor and U.S. Senator, the first Native Hawaiian Governor, U.S. Senator, and Member of Congress, and of course the first African American President of the United States of America.

“We have been a leader on rights for the LGBT community, enacting domestic partnerships then civil unions. Now it is time for us to cross the finish line and grant true equal rights with marriage equality.”

Mayor Caldwell joins a host of other elected officials in the Aloha State who have called on the Legislature to pass marriage equality, including Governor Neil Abercrombie, Senator Mazie Hirono, Senator Brian Schatz, Congresswoman Colleen Hanabusa, and Congresswoman Mazie Hirono.

We thank Mayor Caldwell for his support and look forward to working alongside him to ensure secure marriage for all Hawaii families.