Governor Abercrombie: “I’ll make a decision very shortly”

September 6, 2013

Abercrombie2This morning, Governor Neil Abercrombie met with members of the House to discuss a special session to pass marriage equality. After today’s meeting, Governor Abercrombie — a strong proponent of swift passage of marriage in Hawaii — said that he will soon decide whether or not to convene a special session:

Everything that can possibly be said has been said, every issue that could possibly be worked on has been. So it’s just a matter now, I think, of taking a look at what the final wording of the bill might be and I’ll make a decision very shortly.

Governor Abercrombie’s supportive statement comes on the heels of a momentous week for the freedom to marry in Hawaii. Yesterday, more than 60 business leaders from across the state called on Hawaii lawmakers to pass the freedom to marry now, noting that extending marriage to same-sex couples will benefit the Hawaii economy.

Hawaii is ready for marriage equality — and today’s meeting makes it clear that Governor Abercrombie, along with a majority of lawmakers in the House and Senate, are ready to extend marriage to all ohana. Lois Perrin, Legal Director of the ACLU of Hawaii, says that  a special session is not a matter of if, but a matter of when:

Legislators have reviewed the bill, and no questions remain. We understand that political leaders are now ready to stand with the majority of Hawaii’s residents on the right side of history in passing marriage equality. The question of special session is no longer “if” – it’s “when.” When will we act to secure the rights and freedoms of our friends, family, and neighbors?

We thank Governor Abercrombie and legislative leaders for thoroughly considering marriage equality legislation — a bill that has the support of a strong majority of Hawaii lawmakers. We’re confident that with the backing of lawmakers and supporters across the state, Hawaii will soon fulfill the spirit of aloha by extending marriage to all loving and committed couples.

CLICK HERE to urge Governor Abercrombie to call a special session!