Governor Abercrombie Urges Hawaii Legislature to Advance Marriage Bill

February 9, 2013

abercrombieGovernor Neil Abercombie is joining us in calling on the Hawaii Legislature to hold hearings to pass marriage equality and hold hearings on the pending marriage bills this week. In a statement released yesterday, Governor Abercrombie said:

“I have always supported human equality and agree with President Obama and our Congressional Delegation that all of our citizens should be treated equally.

“Hawaii is a state defined by our diversity, compassion and aloha. I encourage our state legislators to hold hearings on the marriage equality bill so that we can further discussions on equal treatment under the law.”

Governor Abercrombie signed Hawaii’s civil union bill into law and has been a long-time supporter of equality for same-sex couples and their families.

A hearing on the marriage bill must be scheduled by Tuesday (although it could happen as late as Thursday, so long as it is scheduled by Tuesday) for the legislation to advance this year, which means we have less than 72 hours to ensure that the marriage bill moves forward this year.

Click here to urge your elected officials and leaders in the House and Senate to schedule a hearing by Tuesday’s deadline and then be sure to join us on Monday at the State Capitol Rotunda for Marriage Equality Lobby Day! RSVP here.