Eila & Holly

August 16, 2013

Eila and HollyIn March of 2005, Eila and Holly stood up in Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada, and pledged to love and take care of each other forever. They were united in marriage — and although they brought their commitment home to the United States, their legal marriage didn’t make the trip from Canada.

Because in Hawaii, Holly and Eila aren’t able to share in the freedom to marry like other couples.

But their family isn’t that different from other families. They have two children — a daughter who lives in New York and a son studying theatre at UH Manoa — two cats and a dog. They operate a business together and volunteer in the community. They enjoy traveling, watching movies, playing board games, singing karaoke, and seeing theatrical shows (especially ones where their son is performing).

Eila and Holly have built a wonderful life in Hawaii. They love Hawaiian culture and crafts, spend hours planting hundreds of trees on their land, and look forward to sharing their off-the-grid lifestyle with visitors.

At the end of every day, Holly and Eila are happy to call Hawaii home. But they’re ready for their love and commitment to be recognized. They’re ready to be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.

It’s time that Hawaii allowed all committed couples to share in the freedom to marry. Until they do, families like Eila and Holly will continue to be denied the protection and security they need to take care of the ones they love.