The Episcopal Diocese of Hawai`i endorses marriage equality

October 27, 2013

EpiscopalAs lawmakers prepare to return to Honolulu for a historic special legislative session, momentum for the freedom to marry in Hawaii continues to build! Yesterday, the Episcopal Diocese of Hawai`i — which represents 9,000 parishioners across the state — voted to endorse marriage equality, becoming the largest denomination in the state to announce support of marriage legislation.

Bishop Robert Fitzpatrick said support for marriage equality was the next step in affirming equality for all of Hawaii’s families:

“We have been moving toward full inclusion as a diocese and a church for a very long time. So for us, once civil unions were allowed in the state, we allowed the blessing of civil unions as one of the realities of our diocese. So the next move toward civil marriage is just the natural consequence.

“I think it’s largely because, as a diocese, we’ve been engaged in this conversation a very long time. It’s been open — I’ve been in the diocese 15 years — and we’ve worked through much of the contention.”

Mahalo to the Episcopal Diocese for standing with the people of Hawaii — and on the right side of history — by speaking out for marriage equality.

CLICK HERE to submit testimony in support of marriage equality before tomorrow’s hearing in the Senate Committee on Judiciary & Labor.