Democratic Party of Hawaii joins Hawaii United for Marriage

July 3, 2013

DemocraticOur campaign to bring marriage equality to Hawaii is growing!

The State Central Committee of the Democratic Party of Hawaii has voted unanimously to join Hawaii United for Marriage. The Committee is the governing body made up of two representatives from every Senate district and caucus (GLBT, Women, Kapuna, Hawaiian, Environmental, and Young Democrats) as well as the chairs of all four counties.

With support and leadership from a growing coalition of individuals and organizations – our campaign is stronger than ever.

“It is a great day to have the Democratic Party of Hawaii add their name and support to the ever growing chorus calling for marriage equality in the Aloha State. It the GLBT Caucus’ hope that, in light of the landmark rulings from the Supreme Court and with backing of the Democratic Party, our state legislators will move quickly and make marriage equality a reality here in Hawaii!” –Michael Golojuch, Jr, Chair of the GLBT Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii and author of the resolution

With the addition of the Democratic Party of Hawaii, Hawaii United for Marriage is well-positioned to secure the freedom to marry for all committed couples. A majority of Hawaii residents want to see marriage equality become law, and thousands of supporters are contacting their lawmakers daily, urging them to do the right thing.

Until they do, couples across the state will continue to be denied the security that only marriage can provide. Couples like Renea and Lika who have been together for nearly two decades. Or Laurie and Jan who have a civil union but still don’t have access to thousands of federal protections that are only available to legally married same-sex couples.

Now that the Supreme Court has struck down the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the weaknesses of civil unions are clearer than ever. While the end of DOMA means married same-sex couples now have access to the federal safety net, civil union couples are still vulnerable.

Hawaii legislators must act and extend the freedom to marry to loving same-sex couples — so that all ohana are treated with the same dignity and respect.