August 14, 2013

ChuckSpenceChuck is one of dozens of business leaders who are voicing their support for the freedom to marry in Hawaii.

As the owner of Maui Sunseeker, an LGBT resort, Chuck works daily with committed same-sex couples who come to the islands to reconnect and reaffirm their love. He’s seen many families come back again and again each year as Maui’s beauty, culture, and welcoming spirit call them to return.

Chuck’s reason for supporting marriage equality is simple:
“All people should be treated with fairness and respect. Allowing same-sex couples to share in the freedom to marry is the right thing to do for our state.

As a Vestry member in my Episcopal Church where same-sex unions are blessed, I know that support for marriage equality can be found both within and outside communities of faith.

It’s in line with the spirit of aloha to affirm the dignity of all ohana. It is pono!”

But Chuck knows that marriage equality isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s also good for business.

Independent studies have found that if marriage is extended to same-sex couples, Hawaii could see huge increases in visitor spending — estimated between $46 million and $258 million from 2014 to 2016.

Maui Sunseeker is already a beloved destination for same-sex couples and LGBT families. They come to enjoy a relaxing vacation in an atmosphere that affirms who they are.

Many couples also choose to make a public declaration of their love and commitment while at Sunseeker — but right now, these ceremonies don’t offer the dignity and respect that comes with marriage. If the freedom to marry is made available to same-sex couples in Hawaii, Chuck knows couples will visit from all over the country — eager to have Maui Sunseeker serve as the place where they make a lifelong promise.

“Maui Sunseeker has always embraced all couples, and it’s time our state does the same. It’s good for families, good for our communities, and good for tourism.”