Don’t let them win

September 4, 2013

2KBy Jacce Mikulanec, JACL-Honolulu

It’s all hands on deck. If we are going to win marriage equality in Hawaii in the coming weeks, we need your help right now.

I just left a meeting with some of our strongest champions of marriage equality in the Legislature. They’re committed to passing this bill as quickly as possible, and they know the people of Hawaii stand with them. But their colleagues are getting slammed with calls and emails from our opponents — by a 20 to 1 ratio.

I’ll be blunt: we absolutely cannot allow this attack from our opponents — a small but vocal minority — to go unanswered. As Governor Abercrombie is considering whether or not to call a special session, we have to continue to demonstrate that no matter where you look — in our local communities and even in the State House — Hawaii is ready for the freedom to marry.

We need to generate 2,000 messages to legislators before the end of the day today urging them to support a special session. Click here to tell your lawmakers that now is the time for marriage equality in Hawaii.

Over the last several weeks, this campaign has built momentum like we never imagined was possible. Faith leaders, organized labor, business executives and elected officials have all added their voices to the majority of Hawaii voters who know that we can’t wait another second to extend marriage to all ohana.

We’re winning in the public eye. But with every call and email from our opponents, we’re losing our grip with our elected officials. Reaching our goal of 2,000 messages today is crucial to maintaining our momentum.

We’ve come too close to let our opponents derail our progress. Take action now and tell your legislators that their constituents support a special session to pass marriage equality:

Today, let’s make it clear that the people of Hawaii are ready to ensure that every single person in our state is treated with the respect and aloha we all deserve.


Jacce Mikulanec
Hawaii United for Marriage